Church Choirs

HOLY TRINITY CHOIR: consists of four highly-skilled professional singers, who lead the worship at Sunday morning Mass, and at important Holy and Feast Days – e.g. Midnight Mass, Christmas morning and Holy Week. On two mornings per month, they are supported by four Choral Scholars, skilled musicians themselves who are embarking on a journey in the world of London professional church singing. One of the elements of the Arts and Crafts movement, which lies at the heart of Holy Trinity’s ethos, was apprenticeship. It is hoped that all the musicians at HT are constantly developing in their own ways.

CONQORDIA: a group of faithful singers who have sung for the church on a monthly basis since the early 1990s, founded by Mike Abrams, and directed now by Paul Heggs.

HOLY TRINITY EVENSONG CHOIR: this is an able group of those who love singing evensong, and are used to doing so regularly (or were at one stage) drawn from both the church community and outside. The group sing roughly six evensongs per term. Those who have recently (or not so recently) left university and are looking to revive their evensong days, are warmly welcome, and can be enticed by looking at the current music list. Please email Director of Music, Max at if interested.

VISITING CHOIRS: on Sunday evenings when Holy Trinity Evensong Choir or cantors from the professional quartet are not singing, the church is glad to welcome visiting choirs, allowing singers to experience the generous acoustic of Holy Trinity’s cavernous space and the enjoyment of singing amidst the beautiful stained glass, accompanied by the stunning four-manual cathedral-style organ. Choirs who have not been before will be asked to submit a recent recording. Please get in touch with Max if you are keen to bring a choir –