High Altar kneeler

We are making a new kneeler for the High Altar. Its predecessor gave up the ghost some years ago and since then we've been using individual kneelers made to commemorate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee in 2012 that were intended for the Lady Chapel.

We have formed a partnership with the charity Fine Cell Work who specialise in making beautiful handmade products in British prisons and regularly hold events in Holy Trinity Church.

We commissioned the artist Cressida Bell to come up with a design, encouraging her to draw on symbolism that speaks of the Trinity from which our church takes its name. Significantly, although our church building is awash with beautiful stained glass, sculpture and metalwork, there are very few objects which illustrate Trinitarian themes.

Cressida, the granddaughter of Vanessa Bell, a leading member of the Bloomsbury Group, and great niece of the writer Virginia Woolf, produced a stunning design which was approved by the Archdeacon of Middlesex.

The kneeler, which will be 38 feet wide, will be made in five sections and take two to three years to finish.

We have already raised more than half the cost thanks to two piano concerts performed by Edmund Lee, a member of the congregation, a donation by our former Assistant Curate Fr. Paul Gismondi and a gift from the family of Sally Morgan, who was until her death a couple of years ago one of our longest-serving worshippers. There will be more fundraising events in the months to come.