Holy Trinity has enjoyed a reputation for fine choral music since its early days and counts Edwin Lemare, Walter Alcock and John Ireland amongst its organists.

A full choir for Sunday services has been maintained from the completion of the present building in 1890 with the exception of a decade in the 1970s when Holy Trinity fell on hard times. Since a revival in the late 1980s, choral music has thrived once again thanks to the efforts of a succession of choirmasters.

Holy Trinity Choir, a professional octet, sing on most occasions and are complemented by the associate choir, conQordia, who sing once a month.

Since 2016, the introduction of Choral Evensong and Benediction on Sunday evenings has further expanded the repertoire and the range of musicians who participate.

Apart from Sundays, most festivals are observed with a Sung Eucharist and carol services are held at Christmas and the Epiphany with a Sequence of Music and Readings on Palm Sunday evening.

On All Souls’ Day there is a Sung Requiem with music by Duruflé or Fauré and on Trinity Sunday all the church’s musicians come together for a Sung Eucharist and Procession to celebrate the Feast of Title.

The organ

John Sedding, himself an organist, provided an unusually large chamber for the noted four-manual J. W. Walker & Sons Ltd organ. The instrument was badly damaged by enemy action in the Second World War but was repaired in 1947 and partially rebuilt twenty years later in 1967. A definitive rebuild by Harrison & Harrison, funded by our Patron, Lord Cadogan, was completed in August 2012, with the aim of restoring and enlarging the instrument by about 45%, using the surviving Walker pipework and matching new material, confirming its former position as one of the principal organs in London. There are seventy-one speaking stops and approximately 4,200 pipes.